Month: April 2017

Battlefield 3 Survival Guide for beginners

After spending lots of hours playing Battlefield 3, I am able to know that the game is super difficult and it is going to eat you up if you don’t know the what to do.

If you are an addict of the game Halo Universe, the pattern for BF3 will be so different and hard to understand, most especially if that is your first day. So, I like to help you out using some of my skills in this battle game. First, with my knowledge I will share some tips on this publication and also help you become the real expert you like. Just ensure you post a comment if you get stuck in any stage.

Battlefield 3 PC

Now let me make some stuffs clear to you. I believe you will know what to do after reading this.

The developer is the only people that have a great knowledge on how to play this game. They are located in Sweden and can be contacted for close training if you live around there. There company is called Dice. Just use Google places to know there latest address and phone number.

I don’t know if those designers can play all missions in this game, but what I know is that every one of them knows what each mission entails and how you can have minimum success rate. So, you have to pay attention to videos made by them that explains how to play BF3.

Even the company released tips which are top in the list for this particular game. Some pertain to operation metro map, but they are so broad and do not end that easily.

Most of these tips released on their official site include;

  • Always use you game kit to help you your game mates if you are playing Battlefield 3 Multiplayer.
  • Defend your M-COM station all the time to avoid intruders and destruction.
  • Make sure you don’t leave your team mate during game play. Stay close to them and you will be during great in the game.

You can get more information about it if you browse this site.

Even on the game-front, you can also fire your short-gun at many enemies by aiming at the space between their bodies. It will spread the shot and hit them real hard.

Now, what does it take to begin enjoying this awesome game?

Just read lots of guides and inform me if you have issues. I will try my best and ensure you are okay with my perfect answer. I’m not a super expert in the game, but I will make you feel cool while playing.